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 Limit parameters:
Parameters Symbol State
Drive voltage Ub 10V
Electrostatic affordability UESD 10000V
EMI tolerance(1kHz,AM80%,100kHz-2GHz) E 80V/m
Storage temperature Tstg 95℃
Soldering Temperature Ts 260℃
Electrical parameters:
Tamb=25℃ and Ub=5V,unless otherwise specified
Test Conditions Min Typical values Maximum Unit
Operating Temperature Ta   -40   105
Coil resistance Rb   260 280 300 Ω
Current im @fz=200Hz   15   mA
Magnetic saturation voltage Ubs     9   V
Start and stop frequencies fss @JL=0.2*10 -6kgm² 200     Hz
Maximum driving frequency fm @JL=0.2*10 -6kgm² 600     Hz
Dynamic Torque M200 @fz=200Hz 1.2 1.4   mNm
M400 @fz=400Hz   0.9   mNm
Static torque Ms Ub=5V 3.5 4.0   mNm
Backlash       0.5 1 Degree
Pointer shaft allows the force:            
Axial force FA       150 N
Radial force FQ       12 N
Rotational acceleration ap       1000 Rad/ s²
Noise SPL     40 50 dBA
Rotation angle range fl       315 Degree
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