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Automated production lines:

    Mcrot consistency network using a self-designed automated assembly line production of automotive instrument motors, ensure the production assembly, cleanliness and improve production while reducing labor intensity.




Automation equipment and testing instruments:

Mcrot network company has a wealth of electronic instruments and automated assembly machine design experience. So Mike network of company-specific production equipment and testing instruments to ensure the production of high-quality performance, and became the Mike network company's core competitiveness.
    Mcrot network company has automatic winding machines, automatic coil micro-arc welding machine and robotic automated assembly line. Use these automated devices greatly improve production efficiency and reduce labor intensity.




Precision measurement instruments and environmental test equipment:

Mcrot network has imported high-precision measuring instruments that can accurately measure ± 0.001mm in size, all of the parts go through IQC in accordance with the requirements of the drawings measure qualified to enter the production chain.
    Mcrot network with a high temperature and humidity cycling test chamber, temperature test chamber, vibration test bench. For each batch, we required the corresponding environmental testing. By testing the products to ship to customers.




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