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Wuxi mcrot motor co.,ltd.
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Founded in 2006 in Wuxi mcrot motor co.,ltd.is a network Wuxi Tong Group investment company under the high-tech industry, research and development and production of precision mechanical and electrical products, specializing in the production meter stepper motor.
       Mcrot network company has been implementing TS16949 quality system, standardized management design and development, materials procurement and production process to ensure product quality and stable supply. Mcrot network technology first, development and manufacture of advanced production equipment and testing instruments, thus ensuring the core competitiveness of the products.
       Mcrot network company has 5,000 square meters of factory,More than 50 employees, both designed automated assembly line manufacturing, productivity per hour 2000 car dashboard motor. Has a complete environmental testing equipment, including high and low temperature testing and vibration and shock tested to the product working environment temperature -40 ℃ ~ 150 ℃, 20g maximum acceleration vibration, temperature and humidity cycling 90% of the maximum test.
       Mcrot network company with advanced technology and excellent quality has won praise at home and abroad, the production of automotive instrument motors and DC servo motors are substitute products in Switzerland and Germany Dunkermotoren switec products.
       Mcrot network's philosophy is continuous innovation, high quality products and meet the diverse needs of customers, over the years Mike network with quality products and services to win domestic and foreign customers agree.


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