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Mcrot mission:
To provide customers with sincere service, innovative design and cost-effective high quality products!
Mcrot concept:
Continuous innovation, high quality products and meet the diverse needs of customers!
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Founded in 2006 in Wuxi mcrot motor co.,ltd. is a network Wuxi Tong Group investment company under the high-tech industry, research and development and production of precision mechanical and electrical products, specializing in the production meter stepper motor.
Mcrot  network company has been  ......

--wuxi mcrot motor co.,ltd.
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Has a complete environmental testing equipment, Two self-designed automated assembly line manufacturing
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Wuxi mcrot motor co.,ltd.
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Contact: Manager Hu
Cell phone: 13358101521
USA distributor: www.mcrmotorusa.com
Address: 3-4 Floor, Wuxi New District Linghu Avenue 180-8 A Building
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