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     MR11XX series of miniature stepper motor is Mike network for car dashboards and other pointing devices developed and designed. Click directly receive digital signals to achieve the display driver to drive a pointer to any parameters. Does not require analog-digital conversion that is able to accurately simulate the performance of accurate numerical manner. This internal micro stepper motor has a 1: 180 reduction gear system. Mike network micro-motor drive in terms of precision parts and micro-technologies to ensure high performance and excellent quality of this micro-motors. More simplified structure to improve the stability of the motor and long life.
    The motor can run up to 600Hz i.e., the output shaft can rotate at a maximum speed of 600 ° / s, so that the motor can be adapted to many applications require the indicator.
    Due to the use of advanced welding technology and automatic clean coil assembly, MR11xx series motor at -40 ℃ -105 ℃ have a high reliability, does not appear to cause short-Weld or coil motor can not run.
    Gear positioning assembly makes the motor stalls only when zero does not vibrate.

◆1/3°Stepping Resolution
Low power consumption:<20mA
Small size:Φ30×9.6mm
MCU directly drive
Wide operating temperature range: -40℃-105℃
High speed:600°/s
Comply with the requirements of automotive electronics applications

Vehicles, vessels dashboard
Industrial instrumentation
Laser Mirrors
Typical applications:

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